Echo Park Pottery, is a simulacrum of an art pottery, started sometime after October 2nd 1972. When it came into being, a some sort of organic mystery which melded in some time with the sculptural work of tea pots. There's a good chance it was when there were 10 or 20 mugs that had been done in a slab construction hand rolled style that I learned from Adrian Saxe. I didn't know what to do with glaze and I had a bunch of pots of liquid color and I thought it would be very funny to spatter them like Sam Francis paintings. The high and the low.

Chouinard Art School for many decades had a pottery sale which was part of our ceramic curriculum. That experience of an event, of a chance for people to have beautiful hand made ceramics and to celebrate the human spirit infused into objects, continues to drive this simulacrum in a time when you can buy Glad containers that are disposable, and pasta dishes from Ikea, which perhaps makes Echo Park Pottery, post-pottery.